Friday, April 13, 2012

Courtney's Top 13 TG Stories Part III: The "Final" Chapter

I'm really surprised that my 1st and 2nd Top 13 Lists have been the most popular blog postings on this site. Both have gotten nearly 5,000 views as of this writing! This is the final Top 13 list I'm going to do for a while. Both of the ones have so far have covered roughly 2 decades of TG Fiction history. I have to admit, I haven't really found any newer stories that really blew me away, so a lot of these are a little older but I'm hoping I don't have to wait another 2 decades to see more!

1. The Softening of Jessie by AshleyTS

I'm unsure of why I left this off the first 2 lists. My only complaint about this is the fact that it is broken up over MANY chapters and that it is just a tad longer than it needs to be. However the plot is right up my alley, an unruly boy is feminized by his mother and grandmother and is turned into a sweet girl! I love how this story progresses and the last chapter has one of the best descriptions of feminization I have ever read.

2. The Awakening by BobH

I found this story recently. It's a newer story about an upcoming, young professional who is in an accident and awakens to learn his is going to have a WHOLE new perspective on life. A lot of the stories on my list contain characters in their teens, but this one has characters that are a little older. There are some unexpected plot turns in this that make it a great story.

3. Conscription Lottery by Lana B.

This story takes place in the future when males are entered into a lottery to determine which ones will save the human race! My favorite parts involve the interactions the "conscript" has with other women like her.

4. The Scholarship by Julie O.

Julie O. has some really prolific pieces of TG Fiction on Fictionmania. This is my favorite by her. I love stories were characters get "trapped' in their new roles and learn to love it!

5. New School Girl by Sara Lee

This story is on which is a pay site. A boy who looks a little too femme for his age is giving a proper cure by his mother!

6. Unwanted Job = Unexpected Changes by Debbie L.

Another story on the pay site. This one has a magic theme which I usually don't like, but it is also one of the best Age Regression stories I have ever read.

7. Testing a Theory by Joe Six-Pack

This story is about 10 years old now and I still consider the plot extremely original. Thanks Joe! One of the ultimate stories of Age Regression!

8. Transposed Melody by Julia Manchester

I love when brothers help their sisters. Especially when it involves BECOMING a sister...Julia is one of my favorite TG Fiction authors of all time. You can tell she puts a lot of work into her stories and it shows. I believe I once found this story in an illustrated format on Fictionmania but I can't seem to find it now. Or maybe it was another story with a similar plot? She hasn't posted anything new in a while, but I saw on a forum that she is working on a new one!

9. Back to Basics by O2bxx

I know everyone has heard of For a Girl, which is one of my favorite TG stories of all time and made the first list…but has anyone read the other story they have posted on Fictionmania? I really liked this one also, but I never really hear anyone ever talk about it. Better question, what the hell ever happen to O2bxx?

10. Because I Love My Sister by Anyya

Another newer story that I love. Pregnant twin sister is involved in an accident, but there is ONE way to save her and the baby...become her! I love the surgical descriptions, as it makes this story very realistic. Just wish this story was a little longer!

11. Daddy's Little Girl by Rebecca Page

A young teen decides he wants to start living as a girl. Before he gets his first erection, he puts on his first bra! Later he is reunited with his "long lost" daddy! Rebecca Page wrote some great pieces of fiction back in the late 90's/early 00's. Any update from her?

12. Switching Playing Fields/On the Flip Side by Torey

This is another very long story, but has a very original plot. A young teen boy is forced to join the field hockey team at school by a slightly older girl who seems to talk him into a lot of things throughout their relationship. EXTREMELY realistic story that has great descriptions of his growing femininity. I'm also wondering why I don't see more stories or caps involving field hockey. Back when I was in middle and high school, it was the top sport for girls in my area.

13. DRAFT by Persephone

If I ever do a "Top Mistakes by Courtney" list, leaving this off the first 2 lists would probably be #1. I can't believe I forgot to mention one of my personal favorites of all time. This story has almost everything I ask for in a story: a) A realistic plot b) Some type of "forced" nature and c) Some type of very feminine event. This story is just the right length and progresses very nicely detailing how the character adapts to her new lifestyle.

Coming up next, The BOTTOM 13 WORST TG Fiction Stories?
Hrdknight said...

Thanks for doing another of these post. I usually have read all but one or two on your lists but it's nice to be reminded of those that could stand a re-read and find the rare ones I haven't.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list Courtney - those I know from it I liked too - those I don't know yet are on my reading list now :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks Courtney for sharing your favorites. While I had read a few, many were new to me as well as finding the Stardust link. What a grea site.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

It'd be awesome if someone illustrated or created a companion caption series to some of these great stories!

Courtney said...

Is that a hint? lol

Anyya said...

I take it as quite a compliment and honor that you listed one of my stories here in your 'favorites' list.

Thank you.

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