Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Courtney's Book Club November 2012: The Blonde Leading the Blonde

 This month's selection is "The Blonde Leading the Blonde" by Valerie Hope. Available from and Lulu.

The story features and interesting transformation of 3 lab workers who are accidently exposed to a chemical goo and are transformed by an advanced computer system! Pretty original huh?!

Valerie Hope is an extremely talented author who also does her own illustrations! The illustrations in this story are high quality and I like how they cover all parts of the transformation.You know I'm a fan of TG fiction that has slow transformation and this one doesn't disappoint!

Warning: There are a few scenes involving sex and drugs, however I know that's all the more reason for some of you to read this!

There is a special offer happening right now just for this story. Visit THIS LINK to save on a really great story!

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