Thursday, November 15, 2012

NOT CLEAN: Losing Penis?

Hi everyone! It's Gabby. This is my first post here on Courtney's Blog. Courtney has myself and my other new sister Alexis having a tucking contest. She wants to see who can make the best boy vagina. We've found a few different methods and we're going to see what looks and works the best. If you want to see what methods we're going to try you can see the pictures and videos below. Maybe you can try it too!
P.S. The videos and pictures are obviously NSFW!!!

Anyone want to volunteer to be a judge?


  1. That is awesome, but can someone translate the instructions into English ? PLEASE ??!!

    1. come on, you can not read pictures?

    2. I can SEE the pictures, but cannot READ Japanese/Chinese. Being able to read the text would add clarity to the process of what exactly is done.

  2. The first video looked great! The second one with the spray glue of some kind I wouldn't try. The real problem with both is the fact that every time you have to go to the bathroom you would have to undo all the work. I need one that I could put on for the whole day and be able to forget about.

  3. I agree as both methods do not allow for rest room use. there is a posting on
    this shows a way of tucking that allows full restroom use (less the diaphragm)
    this site requires registration which is free.


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