Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Based on a True Story: Stitch Series

Ending Deviant/F*cked Up Month with a bang! When I originally showed Claire this cap she HATED it. But she only hated it because it reminded her of the events that are set to follow!

Background of How This is Based On A True Story: 
2. While browsing for pictures to cap, I found the model holding Stitch with a pacifier in her mouth. Ironically, I remembered that Callum had the same stuffed animal.

3. I asked him to take a picture of himself like the girl! Perfect cap set up!

4. The last part was a surprise of what I thought would most likely happen!
Anonymous said...

Jesus, how much amateur porn are you looking at that you found two people holding a stitch doll?! And then immediately thought to turn them into softcore fetish porn!!!!

...the correct answer is, "not enough". MAKE MO CAPS.

TeenClaireBear said...

I don't know if I should be mad or say thank you... :P

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