Thursday, June 27, 2013

Claire's old caps

Courtney wanted me to re-post my old work so here it is :)

Joanne Chan said...

Very nice to see them all here, Claire.

Courtney Captisa said...

It's like Christmas in June!

My favorites are the group pole dancing cap, the FTM transformation and the drunk college bitch.

Claire Bear said...

So all the ones involving you....

Anonymous said...

My faves are: Lindsay, Amy, Mark; Becky + Thomas (kinda like that she DIDN'T turn out to be the perfect daughter, haha!), dudes/bro's; Scott/Shelly; Mike/Mikayla, Rob/Rosie + James; Nath.../Natalie; images sent (love the sisterly rivalry); Bradley; dorm; Sarah/Steven; Gary/Gabrielle + Liam/Leah; Stephen/Caroline; Courtney with Luke/Lucy; Jacob?Jade & Chris(tine); Becky + Emma; Claire + Amy + Nick; Courtney's message; Jacob & mom !!!!; George/Gina; Molly; boy + Lindsey (sweet); Marcus (love the lack of control); Mark & sister; Angela & mom

Wait a sec'; that's not narrowing it down much. Great job, Claire!

BTW, I kinda liked the other too.

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