Friday, June 20, 2014

Bad Sport

Here's the geeky story behind this one:

Last year, I bought a 2006 PowerMac G5 with a LOT of RAM from a graphic designer for dirt cheap. It sat unused for a while, but then I put it on my main home office desk so that I can work on my regular job stuff and take occasional breaks to write with Claire on our new novel (There are 2 additional books in the works right now).

I decided recently to install Adobe CS4 on the PowerMac and do caps as well. I hadn't used CS4 for years, but mostly use CS6: Indesign for most caps. This is the first cap made with the older version of the software. Design concepts are simple.

My main reason for doing this is, the computer I mostly use for caps a 2008 Macbook is currently on its last leg and constantly overheats.

I'll be able to do more caps now that this is in a different location than where I did most caps....late night in bed...especially since I know have a boyfriend!

Another announcements: Be sure to visit to check out our novel, Not Another TG Story. Special announcement coming on Monday.

Please comment on our caps!

Other special topics next week.

Courtney Captisa

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