Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lost Cap: Pledge Simone

I was talking with my new friend Emissa Ghaight tonight about college stories. Generally, I've been unable to find GREAT stories in a college setting in the last few years. That's why I wrote, Dorm Room Secrets, with Claire that will be released VERY soon with the help of It's a novelette that features a boy who must attend college after a mysterious letter arrives in the mail. I'm really excited about it and more information shall come soon!

When talking to Emissa, I thought about another great cap that I ran across in my collection a few nights ago involving college. It was a cap I made for Mistress Simone on Rachel's Haven. I could not find it when I went searching through the collection on this blog so unsure if it was posted. Keep in mind that I was making caps on Rachel's Haven's months before I started this blog, so there's a good chance it may have gotten lost in the transfer.

The date on the cap was "January 17, 2011" so I'm posting this nearly 4 years later. Wow, time really flies. It really doesn't feel like I've been capping that long! This may be one of the first caps I created. You can see my design skills were a little basic back then, but at least I wasn't just putting Arial font on a white background!

There are a number of caps in my collection that were never published. This was either because I just never got around to posting, because they were private, or because they were unfinished. Trying to clear out the old so will be posting some others soon.

I was telling Emissa that I think this could make a great full length story. What do you think?

Simone Ravencroft said...

Interesting story, has some very good aspects to it. It's interesting to see this after you created it so long ago. Overall I liked this one a lot. (However I would NEVER cheer for University of Florida!!) Good work!

Courtney Captisa said...

You would if you were forced to! haha

Simone Ravencroft said...

I'd have to put in transfer papers - not gators in this gal!

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