Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Introducing Olivia! With: "Coming Home to Homecoming"

~ 'ello Everyone ~

Our darling Courtney asked me to join the blog with a few caps in the coming year ~ And it's an honour, lemme tell you! So here I am with something lovely. Homecoming's a lil out of season, I know, see if you can enjoy it anyway ;P

As a caption writer, I love TG/AR stories, the more magical, sweet and willing the better! I can get pretty wordy, so if you like the longer stuff, you're in for a treat! I try to be receptive to comments, criticism, and even requests, so pitch me what strikes your fancy~ Most of what I'll be posting comes from my last half of year on Rachel's Haven (a wonderfully welcoming caption trading community that you too can join) but schedule permitting I'll be whipping up some unique posts.

Thanks again for having me here at le Clean Caps! I've been reading the site for years and it feels really special to be on the roll call!


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