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Courtney's Top 13 TG Fiction Stories!

I've always been a fan of well-written, longer series TG Fiction stories. Throughout the years, I've read a LOT of them, but here are some of my absolute favorites. I would love to do a tribute caption series to some of these great stories. Please let me know which ones you would like to see!


1. The Prom Queen  by Janet L. Stickney
This makes the list because it was the first TG Fiction story I ever remember reading.  I'm really surpirsed TGFA is still online since it hasn't been updated in about a decade! This was my favorite site for the longest time.

Generic plot by today's standards, but still a good read!

2. Coed for Keeps by Karen Elizabeth L.
Another one of my early favorites. The plot, which involves a boy "forced" to become a girl in college is still one of my favorite concepts. Karen Elizabeth L. is one of my favorite TG authors of all time. I wonder what happened to her?

3. Stepchild by Jackie Pett
One of the oldest stories on my list, but also one of the most detailed and dark! Full of humiliation!

4. Opening Doors by Dawna Tompson
I actually didn't find this story until recently, but it's one of the best age regression stories I've ever read. Very well-paced and detailed story of a middle age guy who takes a new job and slowly becomes a new woman in the process. I love the description of his loss of manhood going down the drain literally!

5. For a Girl by 02bxx
This is one of the longest stories I've ever read, so grab yourself some popcorn...or a lot of toliet paper.

6. Never Bet Against Your Mother by BC08- This was on Crystal's StorySite before things went south! I can't believe I can't find this story ANYWHERE else on the web. (UPDATE: THIS HAS BEEN UPLOADED TO TG STORYTIME!) It's a classic in my opinion.  3 teens make a bet with each other regarding their hair length, but their mother's step in... Long story full of transformation, deception, and learning!

7. Cheap Rent by Joe Six-Pack
It's obvious some guy is going to be turned into a girl, but I won't ruin the ending for those who haven't read it. I LOVE stories like this! Joe, if you are reading this, please message me about collaborating!

8. The Gammas by The Professor
Story about a fraternity that becomes a sorority overnight due to a "curse". They find themselves overtime REALLY becoming a sorority and acting like they were always girls. Enough said!

9. Just Jessica by Ambrosia
The story and author don't seem to be well-known, but this is a classic in the Age Regression: College to Teen realm. I love how the transform literally takes place across the entire story and how it's very clean and tasteful. There should really be more stories like this!

10. Studying Abroad by Karen Elizabeth L.
Only author to make it on my list twice...for good reason. This was the first age regression story I remember reading and it still ranks high due to the excellent writing and plot.

11. Maiden Voyage by Brian
Let's see. a) A homeless guy finds long lost sister and stands in for her at wedding b) Groom finds out, thinks of a plan with an accomplice to hide the truth since he is well-known c) Guy slowly becomes more feminine each day and starts to really fall in love...this may be one of the most original and best detailed stories ever!

12. Oh, Cheers by Rasufelle
The story of a fem looking boy who is talked into joining the cheerleading squad! Seems like an overused plot, but the story is very well paced and the dialogue is very realistic! It's nice when teens in TG Fiction actually ACT and TALK like teens! LOL.

13. Dancer's Legs: PART 1 & PART 2 by Julia Manchester
This story is simply amazing, I'm so glad I copied this to my hard drive before the site went down. Julia Manchester had some of the best stories ever. I love how there are descriptions of his body literally every time he becomes more feminine...and not only is he a dancer...but he joins the cheerleading squad!

There we have it...I think after reading this list, you may know that I'm really into stories that involve age regression, teens, college, cheerleaders, realistic change, etc! If you know of any stories I may link, please recommend!
Mistress Simone said...

"Co-ed for Keeps" and "The Gammas" are on my list of TG classics that have stood the test of time for me. My personal favorite by Karen Elizabeth L is "Studying Aboard." It's my ideal "Good Girl" fantasy in terms of TG.

Like you, I remember first reading Janet L Stickney stories when I discovered TG stories online. However, I can't bring myself to read them much now: too many of her tropes appeared over and over in her stories, but I appreciate them for setting the tone.

Annabelle Raven said...

Courtney and Simone, I love Karen's body of work as well.

My primary love is the "Family series" where a young boy becomes a girl and by the end of the story a brother has become a sister and/or a father has become a mother or aunt. "Family Changes" is probably the best of this breed; she's a big influence on my blog, Family Traditions

But I always was drawn to stories like "Joyce" which the heroine was so identifiable.

Great list :) "The Gammas" is also a fave. I love guy buddies as girl BFFs too!

Anonymous said...

I remember Never Bet against your Mother and I would love to read it again. Someone must have that story and share it.

Courtney said...

@Anonymous. Send me an e-mail

lil Ash said...

Thanks for the list....great index to use!

Dee Mentia said...

Karen Elizabeth made relatively clean TG stories way back in the day, albeit with a 1960's mentality. I assume that she was an older lady. My favorite of hers was the one with the two couples that had their minds swapped with each other.

I wish that Joe Six Pack would just write stories like he used to. It seems all the stuff he is doing now for his website is good for the first 80 percent, then he has to put some sort of weird-ass ending that never seems satisfying.

Good list!

Anonymous said...

OMG sweetie, we have soooooo much in common. I love your clean caps; most of mine are that way too. And I so way love the TG fiction stories. I have been reading them for years. What a cool idea to post your favs. I love your site!....Mandy

Courtney said...

Dee, I also got that "60's vibe" from reading her stories. I sent her an e-mail and she actually responded, just by saying her last story was the updated "Kristen" which was written about a decade ago. I did notice there's a NEW story by her on Fictionmania:


Haven't had time to read any of it yet, but it should be fun!

Anonymous said...

I rember reading Never Bet Against Your Mother some time ago but cant rember the whole story anymore.
I know where you can still find the the story Dancer's Legs but i dont want to openly post the links with out your permission first

Courtney said...

Sara, I don't mind openly posting links on my blog as long as it has to do with the topic. I believe both stories are back on the site though since the server went "back up" in some shape..

Anonymous said...

I agree Karen Elizabeth's stories are so wonderful. I cannot wait to read your other selections. Your site is simply the best. Thanks so much...Mandy

Anonymous said...

What's your opinion of Linda C's "Prom Princess"?

Courtney said...

I haven't read that story in a LONG time, but I think I remember it dragging a little too much. I'll give it another read tonight!

Anonymous said...

Hey Courtney I want to know some cool tg fiction stories and i read your 1,2, and 3 of your top 13 do you have any more?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this list by accident and noticed that liked two of my favorite fictionmania stories "For a Girl" and "The Gammas". I decided to take your recommendation and give "Opening Doors" by Dawna Tompson a try. It was absolutely fantastic! How is it I had never heard of it before. I loved all the emotional and social descriptions as well as the physical. It was one of the best stories I've read this year. Can't wait to see what else you recommend. - TheSaint

Anonymous said...

You might consider adding "Coming to terms" (Fictionmania) to your list. It is one of the best preteen stories I ever have read. Lots of emotion.

Anonymous said...

Read anything from Teresa Ann Wood?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this list. I found "Stepchild","the Gammas",and "Maiden Voyage" very entertaining. Lots of love- Rachel.

Anonymous said...

There is a story on Big Closet by Anon Allsop called 'A Love So Bold'. It takes place in the 1860's and follows a boy who was transformed into a young mother due to a medallion crafted by Zeus himself. It is a long story I think over 60 chapters (around 20 posts) but is well worth the read - especially since it is complete. Allsop is an exceptional writer and the story is well worth reading. This could easily have been published into book form, it is that good.

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