Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Twins(Based On a True Story)

This cap again is mostly true and happened in my life. Shortly before I began blogging here I had a gf that I loved with all my heart and she broke my heart. Bethany, a dear friend of mine, encouraged me to follow my heart which brought me back to my crossdressing. I love Bethany as a sister, and I must admit she is beautiful and this picture reminded me of her so I decided to make this cap a tribute to her friendship and her support because I truly wish I could be her twin and live with her. I hope you enjoy my cap! Love you girls!

-xoxo Haylee


  1. what a wonderful friend you have!!!!!

  2. This is so heartfelt and great that I don't even know what to say

  3. Wow you are so lucky to have found a friend like Bethany. I wish I could find a similar friend. I know personally how the feeling of being turned away from a woman you care about can bring the woman in you back out.


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