Tuesday, April 15, 2014

All That Matters & Announcements!

This is the first cap I have made in literally over a month (possibly a new record). I've been busy with some personal/professional developments AND the novel I'm writing with Claire. That brings us to ANNOUNCEMENTS!:

1. The Novel
I stated before that I wasn't going to make any caps until the novel was complete. This was mostly due to timing issues as well of the fact that a novel is a LOT of work. To give you a short update on the novel, Claire and I are working about 3 nights a week on this to get it done in a timely fashion. The story flows similar to our story writing in caps but the plot is something that definitely could NOT be done in even a multi-panel selection. Going up until the release date, we will be releasing a few caps that feature some scenes in the book.

We hit some controversy with releasing a PAY story as our first release, but here's the deal: Claire and I have dedicated literally hundreds of hours to TG land in the last few years. This novel is taking at least 10 hours of our time each week to complete. If you can spend $300 on a college textbook that you'll probably use twice this semester, then I'm sure you can get our novel that cost just about as much as a Happy Meal! If not, start saving now! There should be some pennies under your sofa or something.

2. Future Caps on this Site

Another reason for the lack of caps is due to the fact that I got really burnt out. I frequently get people requesting scenarios they want to see, but it doesn't do me any good if I have no inspiration. Part of this was because I became extremely bored with the photos I was finding. Which brings me to my next statement.


I may receive some hate mail over this, but let me explain. I know selfies have been around awhile, but they are getting out of control.

a. This god awful song made it to the Top 20:

c. 80% of the Selfies I find from my sources are poor quality and are just some generic good looking white girl:

Sorry sister, don't have much to work with.
It's hard to come up with story ideas that are creative with these. I have ONE last selfie cap coming out, and it's only because the picture actually makes sense with the plot!

I have recently found some excellent photos that have original plots, so they will be released soon.

3. Things Missed

I missed my annual TG Awards post this year because I was so busy. I'm thinking of doing this even though we are already 4 1/2 months into 2014 right now. Please let me know if you want to see what I thought was the Best TG story and all.

Under the Poms will be the next novel I will work on. Whether or not Claire and I will co-write this together is up for discussion after we see how our first novel does.

Courtney Captisa

Danyelle TS in FL said...

If this cap here is an example of what the novel is going to be like then you can count on a sale from me. I enjoy your writing style and look forward to more. I would love to see your ideas on the best story. As a writer of TG fiction with a few stories published on Fictionmania as well as my blog, I enjoy the long story more than the short cap, but haven't been able to find many good stories. It makes me want to get my mind back into writing mode so I can finish my own stories.

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