Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New TG Age Regression Stories: 2 in Bundle!

Exciting news! I just realized 2 new stories and they are in one package for the price of 1! These stories feature men in their 30s who are turned into younger girls! Only available on Amazon for now.

Keywords: fantasy, transgender, age regression, magic, cheerleader, yoga pants.

Bundle of Two Short Transgender Fiction Age Regression Stories for the Price of ONE!

Wish for the Better:

At 30-years-old, James has his own apartment and a great job at a nearby office. Although things are going great in his life, he is like most men in the fact that he always wants something more. He makes a wish one night that is overheard by a mysterious force…

The duplex he shares with the couple next door, The Rogers, is accidentally partially renovated, requiring them all to share an apartment! If losing his bachelor pad wasn’t enough, he gets laid off after making several mistakes around his job! Luckily, Kara Rogers is understanding of his situation and promises to help him find a new position. 

Waking up early for this new job sucks, especially with all younger people running around the place but since James is slowly turning into a young girl he should have to deal with harder things than office work of spreadsheets and balanced budgets. Things like makeup, hair, gossip, celebrity crushes, dances, and what to wear are issues as well!

Word Count: 8,300ish

Spell for the Better:

To make extra money since his wife Kelly is a stay-at-home-mom with their two young children, 35-year-old high school History teacher, John, makes extra income by reselling antiques and household products that he finds at estate and yard sales. Just by luck, he happens to find an antique book that he thinks will be a hot collectable item. Unknown to him, this is a spell book!

After selling the book, there is a mystery of what happened to all of his boxers, so he is forced to wear his wife’s panties to work while trying to keep at secret! That should be the least of his worries though, as some other changes start to occur not only to his body, but in his life. Why are teenage girls making fun of what he wears? Why are fellow teachers no longer talking to him like a friend? Why is his wife dating some other guy?!

As if dealing with dating and being on the cheerleading squad wasn’t enough worries…

Word Count: 8,600ish

Notice: These stories involve fantasy situations of adult males turning into younger women. No sex scenes. If you are not interested in this subject matter, please do not buy.
Kitty St. Clare said...

Will this be going on Lulu at any point in the near future?

Courtney Captisa said...

I accidentally put this in Kindle Unlimited, so once the "contract" with that expires I'll put it on Lulu. Under their terms, if it's in KU it can't appear anywhere else for 3 months.

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