Monday, May 9, 2016

Snapchat Goes Fetish?

I'm sure many of you have seen these Snapchat faceswap pictures pop up on social media over the last few weeks. I've noticed people are doing it with same gender, pets, babies, barbie dolls, etc but the most common I've seen are boyfriend and girlfriend faceswaps! I wonder whose idea that was.

Today, I found out there's now a baby filter!

Is Snapchat going after gender transformation and now adult baby/little girl interests?!

There's also an app called YouCam Makeup which allows you to change hairstyles, apply makeup, etc. While this is nothing new, I think technology is catching up a little. I've only seen genetic girls use this app but I'm curious as to what happens when boys use it! If you want to submit a picture, go ahead and e-mail me!

Anonymous said...

I definitely used youcam, and it worked great. Made me look like a girl. I don't know if I would be okay submitting a picture though

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