Thursday, July 28, 2016

TG Mall Book #3: Prom Changing Room on LULU RIGHT NOW!

Proud to announce another story in the world of TG Mall! The universe was created by Haylee Sims. Although she did not write this book with me, I talked to her last night and she is going to be working on a new story! Prom Changing Room is the first story in this series that is illustrated by Fraylim! There are over 7 illustrations in this book. It's a short story, but for those of you who are fans of this universe and enjoy prom dresses, it's up your alley!

I've decided to do a soft release on Lulu, exclusive announcement only to this blog. The book will be live on Amazon in a day or so. The version on Lulu is a downloadable pdf and the version on Amazon is a MOBI file based off an ePub. Both formats have their advantages and disadvantages. Text can be changed easily in size on Amazon but some people prefer PDFs for illustrated stories as well as the fact that they are easier to hide! Once it is on Amazon, I will announce it to here and other places such as my Twitter account and a few forums.

If you do buy the book, PLEASE leave a review!

Like most teen boys, the last thing Hunter wants to do is hang out with his sister in a prom dress store. Since killing time at the mall after being dropped off by their parents, he is forced into the shop by his sister and then dared to try on a prom dress! As if that weren’t humiliating enough, the fun doesn’t stop there as the manager of the store thinks it’s a little strange for a boy to be trying on dresses. Maybe there’s a reason to change that…

Keywords: transgender, magic transformation, tg mall, forced feminization, prom dress.

Short Story: 7,000ish words


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