Wednesday, October 19, 2016

3 TG Age Regression Stories Bundle

Bundle of Three Short Transgender Fiction Age Regression Stories!!!

Keywords: fantasy, transgender, age regression, magic, cheerleader, yoga pants.

Note: all of these are “magic” based!

Spells for the Better II by Courtney Captisa

Continues right from where Spell for the Better in 2 TG Age Regression Stories left off! Jeff is happy that he won the auction online for the rare old book that he thinks he can resell to a local shop for a lot more money. Sometimes it is best to do your research on what you are buying, considering old magic books do exists. His roommate Austin is speculative, but that changes once there are some feminine changes around the household. That includes one of them not only changing gender, but race as well.

Saturday at the Mall by Brittany Montgomery

Jason isn’t happy being a manager in his early 30s of the store Always 21, a clothing store that targets teenage-college age girls. There are corporate issues, accounting problems, and worse… dealing with teenage employees. When falsely accusing Alyssa of stealing, she complains that he doesn’t understand what it is like being a teenage girl. Maybe some lack of responsibility and interaction with employees on a personal level will be good for him in the end run…

Wish at the Mall by Courtney Captisa

Seth is a happily married husband and father with a great job. While at the mall, he becomes disappointed with the quality of stores and kills some time by making a wish at a fountain for “something great to happen.” Great things WILL happen… after some adjustments such as getting braces and losing some weight occur. When have you ever heard of a tween or teenage girl complain about going to the mall?

Notice: These stories involve fantasy situations of adult males turning into younger women. No sex scenes, but some graphic body descriptions. If you are not interested in this subject matter, please do not buy.

Total Word Count: 30,000+

Keywords: Cheerleader, Costumes, Hair or Hair Salon, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl, Accidental Change, Age Regression, Cultural Change, Identity Death, Magical Transformations, Mind Altered, Hypnosis, Brainwashed, Multiple Transformations, Slow Transformation, Stuck, Sweet/Sentimental, Transitioning, Workplace Situations

csquire667 said...

Please stop doing age regression caps I'm really tried of them I know you're capable of being more creative than that.

csquire667 said...

Please No more age regression stuff like maybe do some gymnastics or ice skating ⛸ caps

Courtney Captisa said...

I can promise you that AR caps will never stop.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to them, AR is always welcome.

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