Saturday, November 5, 2016

Father to Bestie?

Had the idea for this story and may turn it into a full novel! How do you think it should end?


  1. the father figures that getting his daughter to change would be too hard so he decides to join the squad and become as girlie as possible, and slowly their friendship grows, and when he learns why his daughter has changed so much he is shocked and at first he doesn't know how he can help his daughter, perhaps she even stops speaking to him altogether, and he needs to do something very drastic to prove to her that he really is her best friend.

  2. I'd love to see a sequel cap to this!

  3. Maybe there is an twist and we find out that the guardian angel isn't what she claimed to be.

    If he wins, his daughter is probably going to be distraught when her BFF suddenly stops talking to her and disappears altogether. If she was acting out before, it might get worse after that.

    If he loses, his daughter no longer has a father.

    He is forced to chose between the lesser of two evils to the delight of his "guardian angel"

  4. It would be great to see a complete novel,
    I would like to see how the father deals with teenage boys with his new volatile hormones
    The tight clothes that he did not like his daughter to wear but now that he is an teen girl he will have to wear it.

  5. Sounds like this will be a popular idea! I already have some things in mind. Lot of things that can happen!

  6. Please sign for my petition to make IQ tests mandatory for all angels and magical beings.

  7. Ok question! What kind of guardian angel does that?! I get like a fairy or a regular angel but this in no way helps the dad, the guardian angel wasn't like “Hey I gonna help you out" no it's just “Poof your a girl now good luck with my mandatory challenge"


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