Sunday, July 23, 2017

Courtney's Notes

Claire has come to terms with the fact that she is a little sissy princess.

Hi loves!

Blog: Just a quick post about some things happening our universe. The poll is open for about another 2 days and is all over the place! I am actually surprised at some of the hate going around. The old design was just that... old. I believe I put a redesign in 2012 and the front page was getting very clunky. Wanted to go with something minimalist. The current template will be in use until further notice (or when someone volunteers to design or make something for me!)

As for caps, I have scheduled releases until the end of the September and will probably make another batch to fill out the year within the next few weeks. So you will see a new cap here each day. I am not posting to Deviant Art until someone gets me a Core membership since that's the only way to schedule out. August will be Request month featuring almost all requests I received on the blog and on DA a few months back. These were done in advance because I want to change my style a little and do some more in depth material. This goes for books as well as I have several very good ideas for novels that will take months to develop. Claire will be modeling a new outfit each time a book is about to be released!

Books: Claire and I are finishing up a new "3 TG/AR Stories" release. This one will focus around summer themes. Look for a release in the next few weeks.

Other things: I have a new favorite blog: You'll see some of the caps I requested on there. She does a great job with having a variety of transformation methods and situations in a CLEAN way!

In one of the Top 13 TG Story Lists, the story Dusty Rose by Clara was listed. She just put out Part 3 of the story after a 5 year hiatus!

Sara J. said...

personally I feel the new layout feels clunky,and overly complicated with the animated over-screen of the thumbnails

Sissy Candy said...

Hello there. Nice to see Claire dressed as a Princess. :) Getting back to you, yes I'm surprised by the negativity given the clunky awkward nature of the original interface and an 'old school' blog archive list and search bar would scarcely do your captions justice plus whatever you do needs to reflect mobile reading such as smartphone and tablet users. Personally I rather like it. I like the sound of your next batch of captions and the new e-books. Regards, sc.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the new design, but the functionality sucks. Scrolling is all weird, and it's a little more difficult to navigate the site.

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