Friday, May 4, 2018

SCF Introduction (New Segment about TG Stuff!)

Welcome to a new segment on the blog called SCF (Shit Courtney Found).  Since there's an F in it, it will come out every Friday! The throwback section will be moved to the last Thursday every month, so be on the lookout for "Throwback TG". That segment will be more in-depth as SCF is basically a collection of things I found throughout the week that I think are worth checking out. A cap will still be posted on Fridays, just later in the night!

Let's dive into some news:

What is prom season without a pretty transgender prom queen?! Yay!

Speaking of prom, Skylar seems to have had a great time at her prom. She is a friend of Jazz Jennings and was on her show last season giving her advice on the final transition.

Speaking of Jazz Jennings, she made news for being the first openly trans teen to be in a bra campaign!

Over in the UK,  Victoria Beckham has a younger trans doppelgänger!

TG Fiction Story of the Week:

Were you expecting anything else? 👸 Seriously though, we are getting some VERY good feedback on this book!

In terms of free content, I'm very excited to see what Jena Corso does with this new story about a guy who takes the place of a competitive cheerleader!

Transgender Pop star Kim Petras put out the video for Heart to Break. Don't you just love that tight pink dress?

Last but not least, there are girls not only forcing boys in their life into their panties, cheer outfits, and prom dresses, but now Bat Mitzvah dresses as well!

Seems like it wasn't that hard...

Sally Bend said...

Oh, I've got something for you, hon - I fell in love with this boy last night! :)

Courtney Captisa said...

Nice find Sally!

Marti's tg captions said...

Another reason to love Fridays :D This is very interesting and I will eagerly await for more news from the tg land

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