Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Book: Man Maid of Honor ON AMAZON & LULU

The moment is finally here where I have a new book out! I'm so proud of this one as it is my most "mature" release yet. I've been working on this for over two years as it was originally conceived as a cap for Tar on Rachel's Haven. Original cap:

Video Trailer:

What’s worse: Having a terrible sex life with your wife in your 20s or having her never remember you as being a man?!

Tom and Danielle McKensie are a young professional couple looking to spice up their marriage with a trip to the islands to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. Danielle just booked a trip to The Coral, a highly exclusive island resort where they can both forget about their troubles. After getting drunk and having sex the first night, Tom magically transforms into “Tara” and is now Danielle’s best female friend and worse yet… her Maid of Honor for her wedding next month! The sex change comes with a few upgrades as Tara discovers that living as a female may not be bad at all. But what about the marriage? Surely if a few things don’t work to change back into a man, “she” will transform on the final night in time to return to normal, right? However, Tara is going to be forced to spend the entire week going through a bunch of bachelorette shenanigans?!

Warning: Contains strong language, graphic gender transformation, and sexual situations with consenting adults over the age of 18.

Word Count: 40,000+

Bridesmaid, Gay/Lesbian, Swimsuit, Wedding Dress or Married, Accidental Change, Magical Transformations 


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