Sunday, July 1, 2012


Pardon the mess and please give me feedback!

Anonymous said...

i like this new look a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney, I love the fresh new look of your outstanding blog. It continues to be one of he very best on the net as you stay on point with clean caps. I'm also thankful for highlighting our former collaborations.

Anonymous said...

I like it as well!

teenClareCD said...

Love the new look very easy to navigate.

Beingandrissa said...

I like the new look of the blog.

It's very good looking with interesting scripts and widgets.

If you only like to read the captions is fine, but if you like also to read the text like in this post or on the NEW TG BLOG: NOT 2 BRITE post, you have to enter and then go back to read other (and this doesn't like so much).

Love Andrissa

Joanne said...

Sat in front of my laptop looking teenish and yes it's very different but easy to navigate around. I'll explore the other links bit as I'm wondering if yu'd list other non cap blogs at some point or not?

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