Saturday, July 21, 2012

Courtney's Book Club: Alternations In The Wedding Party

I'm starting a fun little monthly feature on this blog called "Courtney's Book Club" which will feature brand-new stories, books, and other non-cap TG fiction. Recently, I stumbled upon a great story on Fictionmania called Alternations In The Wedding Party by Chloe Cameron.

The story features a womanizing 20-something guy who is magically transformed into a junior bridesmaid for his sister's wedding! It's a really cute story and very CLEAN.

The transformation sequence in the story is a little abrupt and quick, however I love how the story features his budding femininity and how he needs to adapt to the situation!

If you enjoy the story, please post a comment on the author's page!
Mike said...

I love this! Maybe it's because the girl's name is Michelle. ;-) We've talked about this exact scenario recently (well, not the wedding part, but the rest!) Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Its a great story especially since I'm not usually into magic tg stuff very sweet and sentimental.

Anonymous said...

awww is beautiful i love this histories of age regression into cute little girls

Dee Mentia said...

Pretty sure I read this and I agree. Its a great story, though it seems a bit rushed in parts and not fully fleshed out.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stumbled onto this web site, and I want to thank the person or people who found my story and made it available here, as well as thanking the people here who commented on it. As an author, it's always heart-warming to know that people read your scribblings and appreciate them enough to repost or comment. Sincerely, Chloë Cameron

Courtney Captisa said...

Thanks Chloe! Are you planning on doing another story. Email me at courtneycaptisa (@)

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