Sunday, August 5, 2012

1,000,000+ Views!

The blog hit a million views earlier today. I want to thank EVERYONE for being supportive and loyal to the work on here and hope to provide more entertainment in the future!  I'm really shocked that this little "interest" of mine hit this many views in a little under a year of existence!

Few annoucements:
1. If you haven't noticed already, at the top menu bar, I listed collaboration/guest cap authors on their own pages.

2. I have granted a few fresh, barely legal TG Cap Artists permission to be blog authors! You'll see new artist posting here soon.

3. I'm in the process of finally learning Photoshop, so there will be some more detailed designs coming soon!

Courtney Captisa!
Victoria Hyde said...

Congratulations on the fantastic milestone!

And feel free to ping me with Photoshop questions as you're learning, :-)

Britney Shagwell said...

Congrats on you HUGE benchmark.... Only one comment... You got to 1 million so fast, I think the "girls" will be disappointed with how fast 10 mil rolls around... Better make it 100 mil, just to safe :)

Gratz again!


Alice said...

Congratulations on the million mark Courtney !
It speaks volumes for the interest many have for quality and creativity , mixed with a dsh of humor or surprise. I love what you've done and can't wait to see more of your changes and future caps!

Hrdknight said...

Congratulations Courtney!! You surely deserve the million views and I'm very happy to see you pass that milestone. Looking forward to more of your great work!

Beingandrissa said...

Congratulations Courtney!!!

If the goal is ten million, I think the boys are going to stay as girls for few time.

Joanne said...

Here's to one of the nicest Tg caption blogs going and you're a really sweet person.
Hugs, Jo.

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