Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mikalya's New CLEAN TG Blog!

Apparently Mikalya became so popular on my blog so quick, she decided to start her own blog! I'm really happy to see a surge of other CLEAN cap blogs popping up lately. Nice trend for 2012!

Here is her blog: MikalyaGirl

In other news, I hope you are enjoy Claire's caps, because she is going to be the only one posting here for a little bit longer. I'm going through a lot right now including moving, so making TG caps for people to touch themselves to is on the back burner for now...sorry!
Joanne said...

Enjoying Claire's caps and sincerely hope everything you're going thru gets sorted out okay. Btw Bookmarked Mikayla's blog as we need more Clean caps!

Mikaylagirl said...

Thanks girls for visiting my new site, and hugs and kisses to Courtney for all the support shes given me! XOXO :)

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