Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sister's Quinceanera

You know here at Courtney's Clean Caps, we like to make TG history. This cap was a request, and is to my knowledge, the first time anyone has requested a pic to be capped that was taken while they WERE IN THE SAME ROOM!

Yeah, that's right...Alexis has this fantasy of transforming into his sister!

Hey Alexis...why were you with your sister when she was shopping for quinceanera dresses...isn't dress shopping a girl thing?

Do you think he tried some on when he was there.....
Hammster said...

Cute! I love quinceanera stories too. ^_^

Tami said...

I would want to be her too! Very cute

Kelsi said...

Very nice cap I have always wanted to wear one of the dresses that they wear for a quinceanera

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