Friday, March 29, 2013

Summer Camp For Boys

A little history (and future) about this "cap". The plot of a summer camp for boys to be transformed into girls has been done before, but I had the idea a little while ago to do a parody brochure about it. I wanted to do something special for this, so I've been working with my "skills" in InDesign & Photoshop as this piece of art was a combination of both. Special thanks to Alexis (for Photoshop advice!), Amy, and wx2wx2 for proofreading/viewing!

This should be an indicator of where I want to go with captions. More artistic designs that have a lot of detail. Please comment and let me know what you think. Zoom in to appreciate the full detail!

Bonus points: Caroline has worked as a camp counselor in real life!

Each page by itself:

Alyssa said...

Where can I sign up!?

Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Great concept and execution! Does the camp employ any camper dad/moms? ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely captions. I like the parody idea, but would you consider taking it on step-by-step basis ? . A sort of a visual dairy of what happens from the day when they arrive as boys and leave as young ladies. Besides changing their minds and physical appearances ; can they do a full transition at the camp ?
Sounds like the perfect place to send boys who like to assault girls and harass women.
I think "Fictionmania.TV " did a story called "Montana's Special Girls School " ; where they took in bullies, ruffians, and juvenile delinquents and converted "ugly-ducklings " into beautiful swans. Please continue. Ftygrl

Mikaylagirl said...

I have to say, this caption was a really creative one, lots of love!!!
P.S - Caroline looks really cute! ;)



Courtney Captisa said...

I may turn this into a theme if I find good models. For instance, this cap is someone reading the brochure, so maybe the next will be them telling their son about it and forcing him to go!

There's a good story on called Born Leaders. It's an early Joe Six-Pack story. Plot is about 2 boys who go to a cheerleading camp in disguise as girls. Very fun story

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