Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Hit Girl Movie Review

I was excited when I received The Hit Girl by Three Degrees Off Center Produtions. This is the same company that released Identity Theft and The Wand of Change Youtube Series. I was really happy to see this company release another movie with a transformation based plot and they really out did themselves on this one.

The plot is about a hit man who is magically transformed into a teenage girl while on an assignment. He is assisted by his niece, who helps conceal his identity to others while also trying to help change him back.

This is a low-budget independent release, so don't except transformation scenes that are equivalent to the ones in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. If you want to see those kind, go buy Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde on VHS. I'm pretty sure you can find it at a flea market this weekend.

Speaking of budget, there's a scene in the film where a few characters are eating pizza directly off of a table at dinner because there are no plates. Would it have really killed someone (no pun intended) to send a production assistant to Dollar General to get some paper plates?!

That being said, there are some good scenes featuring how a grown man adapts to having to live as a teenage girl. If you are a horror film fanatic and/or are into geek culture, there's also some good dialogue exchange that's pretty funny.

The acting, cinematography, and editing of this movie is extremely good for a movie of its level. Much better than that cheesy adult baby video I forced Claire to watch a few weeks ago!

Here's a list of things I learned from watching this film:
1. A blanket is a perfectly acceptable way hide illegal firearms and weapons in a car
2. Strip clubs are playing less Hip-Hop & EDM and are now focusing on Punk Rock music
3. If you are given a make-over at a slumber party, you'll sleep in whatever dress they put you in
In the audio commentary, it's mentioned that they had the idea for this 20 years ago, so I compliment them for making this happen after so long!

I'm hoping to see more gender transformation based movies from this company in the near feature. Especially if they hire Courtney Captisa as a screenwriter for the next production!

I have a feeling you aren't going to find this film at a Redbox, so go check it out at:
Official Website:
Hammster said...

Three Degrees Off Center is on YouTube under the username RdDrfjames and they have a ton of great stuff. Other than the ones you mentioned (which are great, of course), I also like "The Possession" and "Frenemies" (an F2F bodyswap).

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