Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making Sisters

It's been a few months since Claire and I made a cap together, but we decided to try again tonight and made this masterpiece of a story! Please comment! Please please please..... (yes, I'll REALLY act like a 15 year old to get my way!)

-Courtney Captisa

"I had always been the shut in type, rarely going to parties and focusing much more on my career as a experimental scientist. I had just made possibly one of the biggest breakthroughs in the history of science, yet. I had no one too share it with.

That's when Courtney Captisa came into my life. We met on and thought that we would be a good match at first. She was fun, but admitted she normally liked younger guys.

I knew she was a great candidate for the experiment. It would age regress her into a 15 year old girl. The process was somewhat risky, so I asked her to find someone else who could be age regressed with her. She mentioned Callum who was 19 and wanted to be younger. I tried to warn Callum that my method also required the use of estrogen, but Courtney persuaded me that it should be a surprise and she would teach him everything about being a normal 13 year old girl."

"After the adoption records were signed, my daughters officially became sisters.

They both became straight-A students at school, yet are still a handful. Within the first month, Claire had her first period. I'm just lucky Courtney was fully experienced with that stuff beforehand to help her."

"Where are you two going?"

"We told you we were going to Applebee's with some friends last week Daddy!"

"Oh, that's right... how are you getting there?"

"Courtney's boyfriend is picking us up!"

"CLAIRE!!!! I told you not to....oh I mean....yeah...we are finding a way there..."

"Just be careful and remember your curfew is 10pm SHARP!"Wait..why is Claire dressed up... she's not allowed to date yet!"

Ian said...

a good fun caption

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic. Love the site! Top ten, right here!

Anonymous said...

nice write work .... kik frnd

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