Sunday, November 17, 2013


On the plus side, he had gotten just what he wanted. He had always had a crush on Stephanie, but knew there was no way he could date a girl like her unless he came up with a unique way to get close to her. It worked, as Stephanie and him were growing closer together. He had even been over her house where they did each others hair, gossiped, watched movies together, and worked on new moves for the team.

On the negative side, he knows he can’t stay undercover for too much longer. She keeps asking why she is never invited over to his house and why she never talks about what boys she likes. She doesn't know he's really a boy but what he has to make a decision. Whether to admit his feelings for her and say he's a boy or admit that he's really a boy who has learned that he enjoys being a girl!
Hrdknight said...

Really unique twist in this one Courtney, loved it! Great work as always.

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