Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Under The Poms is the "Winner"

It's being officially announced that "Under the Poms" was the winner of the poll to pick the plot for my first novel! What's surprising is that Pageant Lies was in the lead for much of the week and lost by only THREE votes!

In response to some people saying a lot of the plots had been done before and were unoriginal.. Here are my thoughts:

Online TG Fiction has been going on for about 20 years, of course there are going to be reused plot. Although there are some themes that I'm done with, who isn't up for a good ole fashioned feminization story once in awhile? You know by my writing history in caps there is almost always a twist or two.

Speaking of which, here is the next twist: Since starting that poll, Claire and I have decided to put our differences aside and FINISH the novel we started. We are making that priority right now. If it goes well, we will probably write "Under the Poms" and a few of the other stories together as well. We are hoping to finish this novel by the middle of April.

As far as the future of caps...I'm still too busy to write them and will only be posting on occasion. These novels need to take priority right now!

Here are a few things I'm in search of right now:

1. Any readers in Mexico?
2. Any contributors to the blog?
3. Anyone ever visited Mags, INC in California?
4. Julia Manchester's contact info?

Please e-mail me sororitycourtney (at)

Courtney Captisa

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