Sunday, March 9, 2014

Voting for Novel is Officially Open!

Voting is officially OPEN for the cap in which I will base my first novel. Just a note: the story will be just that. BASED OFF OF. I will probably change some things around as I see fit during the creative process, but the central plot will be there.

Personally, I think all of these are some of the best caps I've made in a long time. I would love to make all of them full length stories at some point, but of course that requires a lot of time I don't have right now! I'll write one and release it, then see what kind of response it gets first.

Here's how voting will work. There is a poll under the caps on the home page. Everyone is allowed ONE vote each. This poll can be found on the homepage just below all the caps. The poll will be open for one week and will end St. Patrick's Day night at midnight. I will announce the "winner" on March 18th.

This is a refresh poll. I posted one for a test a few days ago and people were voting for caps before they were even created, so all of that is THROWN OUT. It you voted on the old poll, you'll have to vote again. All voting is anonymous. 

The poll is the ONLY way the winner will be picked. However, I encourage everyone to comment on this post and tell me which one you would like to see. You can also try to persuade other viewers into voting your way!

I'm going to take the week off to work on some "real life" things. Enjoy and happy voting!

Courtney Captisa
Pageant Lies

The Craig's List Ad

Former Ex-Wife

 Under the Poms

College Plan B

Claire Bear said...

Take it I can't vote for "Not another TG story"? :P But I think Pageant lies has the most potential though all would be good (Even if two of them sound like horror films :p)

Living as Stephanie now said...

I agree ... the pageant... is wonderful.... but each one is great!

Claire Bear said...

Just so to be clear that was the name of the story that's half done lol :p

Anonymous said...

I disagree. I feel like there is so many pageant stories out there that have the same plot. I voted for Under the Poms but I think College Plan B is a very close second. Also both are very original

Miki said...

College Plan B... would be fun Fun FUN!

Danyelle TS in FL said...

I think that The Craig's List Ad is probably the most original out of all of them, which is why I voted for it. After all it has the classic kidnapped and turned into a girl, but with the twist of it happening through the very shady Craig's List. Although If I could pick a second one it would be Under the Poms just because I enjoy a good Cheerleader story.

Courtney Captisa said...

Gender Transformation Horror is awesome.

Anonymous said...

i would love combination of former ex wife and college plan B

Claire Bear said...

Trust you too make a genre then call it awesome lol :p

Anonymous said...

All of them should be done

Anonymous said...

pom poms : )

Anonymous said...

I'm not into crossdressing, so Pageant Lies would not be for me.
It's not clear whether the physical transformation in Under the Poms is complete. If it is, it might be fun, if not, then not so much. Though there are already a lot of these undercover/in hiding stories on TG fiction sites, so it's not the most original out of these options.
The Craig's List Ad seems the most enticing to me out of these, and that would be my vote. It's always fun to read about how a guy who's suddenly turned into a girl reacts, especially if his life wasn't much to write home about before (making it more likely she will quickly start to like the changes).
The way you've written the synopsis for College Plan B makes it seems like it will be written from the perspective of the younger sister, which would mean we'd only get to know what the transformed brother feels and thinks if she expresses it to her sister. I would much prefer it if it were written from the transformed brother's perspective. Then it could be a fun TG story about sexy twins and the adventures they have in college (though Swishy recently started a story with a similar theme over at FictionMania).

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