Friday, August 8, 2014


Don't you hate it when this happens?

"What was supposed to be an innocent favor for a friend was quickly turning into a nightmare for Steve. A few weeks prior, his friend Matt had broken up with his long time girlfriend  Allison.  Matt came up with the idea of taking a date to the restaurant where Allison worked to make her
jealous, but had a difficult find actually finding a girl to take on  a date. That’s when he told Steve to fill the shoes or he wasn’t going to pay him back the $50 he owed him.

Buying a wig at Spencer’s and a Venus razor at Walgreens was the first part of the humiliating process. The day of the “date”, Steve spent over an hour shaving his arms, legs, arm pits, and just for the hell of it... around his penis.

He looked up on YouTube how to do basic makeup since he didn’t want to look like a clown in public.

Since it would be stupid to buy clothes, he snuck into his older sister’s room to borrow some things. Wearing her panties made him get an erection surprisingly. He tried on about 5 different dresses, before his sister walked in on him and caught him getting prepped!"
Anonymous said...

you got kik bae?

Courtney Captisa said...


Claire Bear said...

What he should really be embarrassed about is being caught in that dress, :p

Tatania said...

Escape is very impossible!

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