Thursday, July 2, 2015

More TG Memes

I seriously LOVE memes. Even though they can get annoying, I have always loved the combination of short writing with comedic pics. Here are a few I made today.

This is based of a real conversation I had with a friend. She is a very big supporter of gay/lesbian/transgender rights and says it's important for people to accept them (no shit) but admitted she would never date a transgendered person!

Anonymous said...

Love 'em! Although, there are way more than two genders. Would you ever consider do a cap about a non-binary person? -DAGS

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should hate or be angry with someone who wouldn't date a trans person. There are a lot of complex issues when wanting to be with someone. Would you feel the same way if someone didn't want to date someone of the same sex or opposite sex or can't have children or won't work or any number of reasons? You didn't give us a lot of information to determine which side to support.

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