Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Story Coming Soon: "Bet I Can Feminize My Brother!"

Exciting news! Claire and I have written a new story that will hit Amazon soon! To celebrate, I will be posting caps Claire made every day leading up to the release. These caps feature some direct dialogue from the book! I'll start posting these caps tomorrow.

Word Count: 14,000+ 

Keywords: transgender, forced, feminization, womanless pageant, crossdressing, sissy, teenager.

Summer break is often the best time of year for high school students. No school, warm weather, and womanless beauty pageants?!

For Sasha and her friends, that is the case. After her brother’s girlfriend pisses her off for the last time, a serious but fun bet is made for the intention of breaking up her annoying brother's relationship. What better way to do so than enter him and her other friends’ brothers into the county fair womanless pageant.

After all, what girl wants to see her boyfriend dressed up like a sissy and looking good while doing it?!

Join the girl’s on their journey to feminize their brothers and see who can create the biggest sissy.

Warning: NO sex scenes. Characters coming of age. Mild Language.

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