Friday, June 24, 2016

Ballet School Goes to Top of Charts in First Day!

Yay #2! #1 on the Amazon Transgender chart seems to have nothing to do with gender change. It seems common for some of these "collections" to just cover Gay, Lesbian, Trans all in one in tagging but at last Ballet School is the top TRUE TG fiction story on the chart right now. Thanks to everyone who bought it on the first day!

The story was originally written for Brittany Montgomery as a commission a few months ago and was on back burner. I was planning on doing two prom stories in May but that didn't happen due to other commitments. I'm going to work on these in the next few weeks and hope to get both out in July.

Claire and I are also meeting today to discuss and work on other material. We have a few stories that are complete and unreleased so look for these in the next few months. One of the books is Under the Poms which is about a government agent who goes undercover as a teen girl to try to get to the bottom of a drug ring happening in a town. We've been working on this off and on for 2 years and it was mostly put off because of interest in other books.

I also have another AR/TG story about a guy in his 30s who is magically transformed into a teen girl. AR seems to be popular and I'm a huge fan of it. Have been toying with a few other story ideas involving the theme.

Anonymous said...

I love AR that involves becoming the adorable little sister to a caring, magical older sis! Especially if the new girl has to go through braces and messy hair and all that lol ~DAGS

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