Friday, January 27, 2017

Convicts to Co-Eds (St. Elizabeth's) Illustrated Story is OUT! MASSIVE COLLABORATION!


My first post of the year is a big one. I have been looking forward to this moment for months since I can announce the release of Convict to Co-Eds (St. Elizabeth's). The story has its origins when Claire and I were working on plots for our TG Modern Classics series and wanted to do a more traditional TG "back-to-school" book with of course putting our own twists on things. Mindi Harris did an edit to the story and we teamed up with Joe Six-Pack who provided 31 AMAZING illustrations for this story. The book is available through his publishing company, Sick Puppy Press on Lulu. This may be the biggest collaboration in TG Land history! Personally, I think it is our best story yet.

A "Teens Transformed" Story 

Nick, Anton and Martin are three friends who do everything together. Including stealing cars. They’ve grown up in a posh neighborhood, but manage to get themselves in trouble on a regular basis. And now that they’ve finally been put in jail and are being brought up on charges, their parents have had enough. 

Instead of jail, the boys are sent to St. Elizabeth’s School, where the friendly ivy-covered buildings are surrounded by giant walls and barbed wire. 

Why all the security? Well, if anyone knew what happens inside the walls, they’d understand.

The boys are disciplined for their continued bad behavior by being forced to have girlish hair, wear girl’s costumes, and wear the girls’ uniform to class. 

What they don't understand is that the methods of reform at St. Elizabeth’s go far beyond just humiliating the boys and shaming them into skirts. These boys are going to find themselves on the other side of the gender fence – for good. 

By Courtney Captisa and Claire Bear from In Your Dreams Publishing, authors of several best-selling books on Edit by Mindi Harris Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack.


Brittany Montgomery said...

Convicts to Co-Eds (St. Elizabeth's) is probably the best story of the decade.

The very concept of it is so fundamental in transgender literature that while not new, takes it to a modern level. It presents attitudes and science of the age, while still keeping to some of the more traditional means of feminization, sissification, and ultimately satisfies any number of interests.

This story easily fits into the categorization of "bad boys into good girls". Its pace and detail take you into the world of St. Elizabeth's. Here, you get what you pay for. Through the nuance and detail, so much of the story makes you feel the reluctance and acceptance of the characters' burgeoning femininity.

In the end, you may find yourself wanting the "All-American Girl" package.

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