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Best of TG Land Awards 2016

2016 TG Land Awards

It’s that time of the year again! For years, I did a special awards ceremony of my own showcasing the Best & Worst of TG Fiction throughout the year. The first one was in 2011:

Amazing how much has changed in five years. Many of the sites and blogs in that article no longer exist, but others are still kicking strong.

After a few, I dropped the Worst “winners” by a few comments that were made. Haven’t had the awards in a while due to various reasons, but thought it would be fun for this year! 

Lily is no stranger to TG Land. She has released stories over the last few years and this may be one of her best. The plot features some guy with a criminal record who moves in with his step-mom after being released from jail and is gradually turned into a teenage girl in realistic methods. Bad boy to good girl? Great theme! It is reminiscent of the type of TG Fiction from the silver age (late-90s/early 00s) which has realistic methods in a forced feminization nature with some area of disbelief involved. The story is available on Fictionmania and TGstorytime

This story caught me by surprise earlier this year. Before this story, the author only had one series on Fictionmania that seemed to be built around a magic school, which is one of the plot themes I am not interested in. However, Cheers is a realistic story of two male friends who plan to get the hottest cheerleader in school attracted to one of them. Unfortunately, that means one may end up having to get close to her with some surprises along the way. This and one other story that will be mentioned in a future blog post are the two best cheerleader-themed stories I have seen about five years. 

Best Caption: No Contest

This was too difficult to narrow down this year due to wide interests. Easier just to share my favorites from deviant art:

Best Caption Sequence:

Nikki’s Feminization Station blog contains adult-themed TG caps with very intricate photo manipulation. The award was about to go to another story she has involving a guy who is forced into becoming a transgender latin porn star, but then The Winding Path was released this month.

At 125 panels, this is the longest TG sequence released at once I have ever seen.

Best New TG Blog: Ekaterina’s TG Captions.

Ekaterina’s caps are similar in theme to mine as they have clean photos with mostly forced, realistic plots. There are a few typos in some caps, but if you are a fan of themes be sure to check out her work!

Her work started on her deviant art page and now she is a member of Rachel’s Haven. Great story lines and CLEAN pics!

Best Artwork in Story: The Step-Witch by Joe Six-pack

I’m a big fan of Joe Six-pack and have bought nearly every story he has put out this year. This story is shorter, however the artwork is amazing.

This site has been around for a long time and a membership contains access to many great stories. Recently, there has been the addition of new comics and illustrators!

Best Paid TG Art Site:

I’ve been a member of this site for about two years now. There is daily content in the form of a comic as well as intricate computer animated videos three times a month that are sometimes part of a series. Sam and her other artists have done a great job in this art form of TG Land.

Best Surprise: OliviaLovely and Jen DerBender make caps again.

OliviaLovely: Formally known as other names, she returned this year after a five-year hiatus under the new handle with a bunch of great caps on Rachel’s Haven. I know she follows this blog and is a friend of mine on Rachel’s Haven, so maybe she can fill us in on anything else!

Jen DerBender had several very popular Yahoo! Groups back in the dark ages. I was a big fan of her work and was very happy to see her return on Rachel’s Haven a few months ago. Unfortunately, she is back on hiatus!

Biggest Disappointment: Sam The Movie

For years, rumors of this movie had been circulating especially on It truly had the plot of a Spells R’ Us tale. Seeing as we get maybe one or two TG cap inspired movies every year or so, expectations were high. But things just were stale in this film. I want to watch it again at some point just for a retrospective, but it’s over an hour of my life I could spend doing better things like working on other stories or trying to get a filmmaker to collaborate with me on a film!

Courtney’s Favorite Story From Self: Under the Poms

This story has a long history. Claire and I had been planning it for about two years but put part of it off to work on other stories. It has all of the elements that have been featured here: age regression, cheerleaders, in hiding, forced, etc. Part 2 has been outlined and should be released in 2017!

Courtney’s Favorite Cap From Self: Caps that will become stories

This one was difficult. There were a few dry spells this year because of my work schedule, but other times, I thought I had made of the best caps of the year. On some, it was because the story matched the model perfectly. There were not too many with intricate designs. The more I thought about it, the best ones were ones with creativity moving and ideas on how to expand the story in a long way. These are a few caps that will become stories in 2017:

Caption Trend that needs to be dropped in 2017:

Caps with white backgrounds. I’ve been somewhat controversial for saying that I think all of these need to be banned. I understand there used to be some technical limitations and computer knowledge, but that was fine in 1998, not now. It takes only a few seconds to change the background to pink. Look at a YouTube video if you are not sure. The only time I think this is acceptable is if the white part is PART of the texture of the photo being used.

To show my frustration, Crow even made this cap for me on Rachel’s Haven referencing my statements about people using white backgrounds :P 

Story Trend that needs to be dropped in 2017: Futa

This theme has been all around Amazon’s Transgender Fiction section and is basically another term for some hot “girl” who has something extra.

Anonymous said...

Aw!! Thanks for the love, Courtney! I'm glad to be back; maybe I'll make a cap about my hiatus sometime. Also thanks for the link to your deviantart favs ;) WishingWithWhitney isn't actually quite new either, fresh name for Hailey'sHosieryHome! But very glad to have her at the haven~ Happy New Year

Nikki Jenkins said...

Thanks for the shout-out for The Winding Path! The funny thing about that one is that it was a commissioned story that sort of got away from what I intended (in the very best way), and it turned out about as well as I could have hoped. Glad you enjoyed it!

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