Monday, March 27, 2017

Accidental TG and Ramblings

Lately, I have seen a lot of accidental TG moments. This is the term I use for elements of gender transformation that occur which are not always intentional. Some sound like the beginning to a story, others require some imagination.

Exhibit 1: Change some clothes with girlfriend

There was an "article" on Hello Giggles about a guy who changed shoes with his girlfriend since she did not have close toed footwear for a lab. Hmm, wonder what else is happening in that lab:

Exhibit 2: YouTube personalities have boyfriends help out

I recently stumbled upon a few videos of YouTube makeup tutorials that have men in their life doing the voiceover other than them. This requires some imagination, but in most videos the guys are speaking in first person as if that was their body.

There are literally dozens of these. I suppose they all share ideas at VidCon, although it's getting a little out of hand, as some girls have decided to start doing tutorials on what they do while taking a shit:

Exhibit 3: Beauty and the Beast gets into gender transformation.

I'm sure some of you Disney fans have seen this terribly designed Belle doll that has come out recently. It has resulted in some memes and tweets saying that Belle looks like a man, or at least Justin Bieber:

Speaking of Beauty and the Beast, I had a chance to see the movie this weekend. There is a short forced crossdressing scene in the film! Caught me by surprise, but I kind of knew half way into the "transformation" what the result would be. Won't spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but remember it is short and it is Disney!

Exhibit 4: The cover art to "Cold" by Maroon 5 featuring Future

What person thought of the artwork for this? Better yet, when are Maroon 5 going to get back to their roots and stop releasing songs that sound like cookie-cutter pop with unnecessary appearances by rappers?

In other news: There will be some new stories soon. I have been extremely busy this year but finally have some time to get some things down. There are bits and pieces of about 7 different stories right now, all of which will be released this year. Claire and I are working on an ambitious project and I'm going to start revamping my style a bit with caps. The blog is scheduled to have about one cap a day for the next few months right now.

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