Friday, March 17, 2017

How Many Books Poll Results

The results are in from the poll that was ran last week asking how many books people have purchased of ours. Our first book Not Another TG Story came out in June 2014 and since then we have released about 26 other stories on Amazon, Lulu, and other sites. I have to say, the results of this poll were a little disturbing.

The top result was people who indicated they had purchased zero of our books. I won't go into the actual sale reports, but I can say we have more than (18-7)= 9 people who have bought our books. No, we do not see your name when a book is purchased, but it comes up as a number. Of course, it could have been the draw of who answered the poll, but I was hoping for more participation. Some of our books have hit the #1 spot or appeared in the Top 10. This blog hit the 13 million view mark last week and gets about 9-15k views a day. So this week, I want to know from the people who answered "Zero!" or those who would have answered that why you haven't purchased any books. It is in the poll section on the left side of the front page right now.

Keep in mind, we started writing books for the same reason we started making caps: Because we were not finding enough (or any) of the material we wanted to see in a land full of "dirty" material. Very few of our books contain sex scenes (maybe that's why people answered zero!).

Now that I'm done my bitchy rant; here is some good news:

Claire and I have finished a new story that should be out within the next few weeks. I'll let the plot be a surprise but will say it is one of our most realistic stories and is heavily crossdresser based. This is the first book since Convicts to Co-Eds illustrated by Joe Six-Pack and edited by Mindi Harris that was released in January. Pretty much a dream team. Some people e-mailed me privately saying that was one of the best pieces of TG fiction they had ever read, so thank you! I'm working on another story that is set to be released around April 1st that features an age regression and criminal punishment plot.

Some of us on the team have been making dozens of caps a week, so you can expect to see about one a day on here for the next few months, if not rest of year. They will only be interrupted for announcements and book releases.


P.S. Thank you everyone who has purchased at least 1 and extra special thanks to the 2 people who said they bought all of them!

Sara J. said...

personally I didn't see the pole, but i have bought a few

Dee Mentia said...

I've bought at least 11 of your books (just by doing a quick search of the covers in my Kindle library.) Enjoyed them all except for the most recent one with Joe Six Pack and Mindi Harris. That one just seemed too cruel and had one of those evil "pull the rug from underneath you" nasty endings that quite a few of Joe's had featured in the past.

If people aren't buying your stories because of "privacy issues" I certainly wouldn't mind you reposting the article I wrote a year or two ago on how to keep as anonymous as possible while dealing with Amazon. If you want, I can review it and update it as well.

Matt said...

The reason why i dont buy your books is because it would raise questions from my parents and i dont want that

Courtney Captisa said...

Sorry to hear you didn't like Convicts to Co-Eds! We received mostly positive feedback on it. Yes on reposting the article when it is updated!

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