Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sneak Peak of Upcoming Novels

For the first time ever, I am posting the draft cover images to upcoming novels to show a preview. These will be released in the next few months. Which are you looking forward to the most? Poll is on front page on the right! Note: Characters and cover images such to change (no pun intended!)

A young widower goes to the mall depressed after losing his pregnant wife a few months ago. He gets into conversation with several employees who have a solution to his sadness. My first maternity story! Suggested by a fan. (Magic Story)

Cap was made about this a few weeks ago. Decided to turn it into a story! Two guys in their 20s stop at the mall in hopes of a quick in and out visit at the sporting goods store. Hey, why not venture into the mall to get shoes... shirts... hair cut... nails... piercings...panties... What's with all these junior sections? (Magic Story)

Most teens come to the beach during Senior Week to celebrate graduation with their friends, participate in illegal drinking, and party hard. Joe has other ideas as he hires a woman in her mid-20s to feminize him. He uses the excuse of visiting his aunt for a day to escape his friends, however it was implied on how far into femininity he will be dragged into. Sure, he paid for her to put makeup on him... but a glued tuck job? Bikinis?! (Realistic/Crossdressing)

Working title written as a commission. The first day at the new school sucks. Nathan has a hard time making friends and the school is so much different than his previous one. The only positive thing was finding a backpack in the locker he was assigned. Finder's keepers. Hey wait.. there was supposed to be money and popular electronics in there. What the hell is he going to do with ballet slippers and yoga shorts? (Magic Story)

Justin promised his friend Liam that he would find him a date to prom since Liam's girlfriend Ashley moved away quickly. She gave him the tickets and the next day he wakes up as pretty preppy girl Paige. Still the same family, but no one knows what just happened except Paige. Can she convince Liam that they have to go to prom together? What happens when Paige's best friend Lauren starts to show interest in Liam. Wait, why did this other guy just ask Paige to prom?! Modern TG Classics. (Magic Story)

Note: There are other stories, including more realistic ones, being developed. These are just the ones that are most completed at the moment.

Let me know in the poll and in the comments!

Dee Mentia said...

Poll isn't working right. I chose TG Mall #5 and it didn't register, just had results of "shut up and take my money".

Courtney Captisa said...

Poll relaunched. Hopefully it works this time!

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