Wednesday, April 5, 2017

YouTube Personality Finds TG Art

Not sure how this passed me a few months ago, but apparently an image from a TG Artist on Deviant Art in February caused a stir online because of the subject of "Bimbo Transformation". DeFranco made a video of commentary about the "controversy" and then dug around finding some TG art in the process. Had he gone a little further, I'm sure he would have found some TG Caps, but I guess it didn't do anything for him.

Considering this video received over 1.2 million views so far I wonder if anyone new has gotten into TG Land because of it!

Anonymous said...

I saw this image before it was cool!!

IrunDMCNYC said...

Honestly I'm surprised phill had to "find" this. am I the only one who thinks he was well aware of these pics on deviant art?

Dee Mentia said...

Well, considering he has a huge subscriber list, including my daughter(!) this is probably a good thing. I wonder how many people have had cravings or desires to see something like this, but didn't know it existed?

He doesn't particularly condemn it either, and talking about it as a fetish, without actually calling it that, seems to have a relatively normalized view about the whole topic.

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