Friday, June 30, 2017

CCC on Blogger Under Repair! Last Caps for a while.

I'm shutting down the blog here for an unknown amount of time. Probably no longer than a month. This summer has me running around a lot and I have not had a chance to do the things I want in TG Land. In particular, there are about 50-60 caps I made that have gone unpublished and I want to redesign the blog since the template has not been updated in about 5 years. Also want to revamp my style a little. Running behind on some novels but I will say that there will be another summer release soon. Claire and I are working on a new book and I'm also working with 2 other co-writers on some other things. Expect another illustrated story come Fall.

In the meantime, I will keep my DeviantArt account up and don't forget we have PLENTY of books on the market!:

The plan was to take the site down on July 1st, but since it is the last day of June and I am just now posting this I will leave it up for the holiday weekend and take it down sometime in the middle of next week.

Here are 2 caps Claire and I made the other day:

Sissy Candy said...

First off, sure take a break, go visit the places in TGland you want and then fix the template cos live's for living Courtney as much as I love the captions. I just love these last two collaborations with Claire and yourself having a great age regression feel.

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