Saturday, January 6, 2018

ILLUSTRATED BOOK Released: New School: New Girl

This book is over a year in the making! It started as a commission for Brittany who isn't feeling too much like a man nowadays and rather spend his time in a cheerleading uniform or doing ballet! I knew I wanted a good illustrator to take care of this story, so I brought on the amazing Autumn Natural for this one! It's been a tradition of ours to release an illustrated story in January, so here you go! This will ONLY be available on Lulu. Releasing to Amazon next month. Get it while it's hot!

Many things go through a teenager’s mind when arriving at a new school. Having a sex change shouldn’t be one of them!

During a rough first day at Pleasant Side Academy, Nathan is assigned a locker that is not completely empty. Some girl left her light blue backpack and a mirror in there among other things. The school promises to get the stuff out before the next school day, but Nathan decides to take the backpack in hopes someone left some valuables in there under the law of Finder’s Keepers. 

Transformation starts the next day while using some of the unisex products in the bag. Why does a teenager boy need a cheerleading hoodie, ballet slippers, or a period kit? When the transformation gets out of hand and no one will listen to him, does Nathan have anyway of escaping feminization?

There are TWO different endings to choose from!

Keywords: transgender, fantasy, gender transformation, magical transformation, high school.

Themes: Cheerleader, School Girl, Accidental Change, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Identity Death, Magical Transformations, Slow Transformation, Sweet/Sentimental.

Word Count:  16,000 ish with 8 illustrations.

Warning: For fans of gender transformation only! No sex scenes, but situations are mentioned.

Written by Courtney Captisa
Illustrated by Autumn Natural
Edited by Mindi Harris
Note: This is an action scene in the story. Not all illustrators are comic style!

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