Friday, February 16, 2018

PROMoted 2018 Book? (Flash Cap Poster)

I have the blog scheduled out for months right now. A flash cap is when I post a cap that I just made and want people to see soon.

Last night, I was browsing around for a good NEW TG prom story and was disappointed. It seems like a few years ago, caps, in general, were crappy and stories were great. Now it's like caps are at a very good high point and I'm not seeing the greatest story releases! (other than what we and a few select others put out!) Made me realize that of all the story previews that I posted a few weeks ago, there was NO prom story for this year! Jeez, that's one of the most popular times for TG fiction next to Halloween since y'all want to wear your sister or girlfriend's prom dress.

Started thinking about what I could do for a prom story this year and wanted something that I haven't seen before. Let me know what you think about this!

Austin Kenney has not had the greatest luck recently. He graduated college last spring and has not found a job in his field. Desperate for work, he applies everywhere he can until he gets a recommendation from a friend to work at their aunt's dress store in a mall doing administrative and stocking tasks. The job pays peanuts and after a month, he is fed up and begs the owner, Miss Stephanie, for a promotion. He is told that they only way to move up in the company at the moment is to work on the sales floor which not only embarrasses him but causes sales to go down!

Miss Stephanie almost lets him go but since Austin is desperate for work she offers him a deal. Surely he would be better on the sales floor and gain more trust from customers if he looked like a girl right? Austin starts his journey in dressing as "Zoey" on the floor... but this means having to walk through the mall dressed in femme. Having to wear prom dresses as part of the job makes Austin wonder what it would be like if he were born a girl... and then how life must be like if he really were a teenage girl...

How far will this go once "Zoey" starts to make friends as a girl, redecorates her room at home, starts taking hormones, goes through every effort to look younger, and even tries to enroll at school! Is it possible that she can have a prom night of her own?

Summer said...

OMG! This is the best idea ever! Considering I rally want to transform myself into a teen girl, it would really hit home!

Stephie said...

This sounds like a fantastic story idea! Prom dresses hold a special place in my heart, and I would love to hear this story told.

Anonymous said...

I love the image!

nikir77 said...

Would love to see your twist on the story But this story has been done before both with pictures and without.
I always love a good story. What you have so far is good. I wounder If Zoey will keep her Austin College knowledge or would she try to blend in as a High school girl.

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