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Updates and Upcoming Novels

Have you noticed that it's been a busy year so far here at Courtney's Clean Caps? I've been putting in a lot of work lately. If you made a request for a cap on any of the two posts I had a few weeks ago or on Deviant Art, here is the good news: I am honoring about 95% of them! Believe it or not, I made over 100 caps in January! Finished all Deviant Art ones, the Last call on blog and now working on the first submissions. These will appear throughout the year in no particular order (some have already been posted). A few theme weeks will return which I'm sure you are looking forward to.

Several months ago, I asked if people wanted to know what books will be coming out this year. Due to popular demand, they are listed below in no particular order... although you can make an accurate guess on when some will come out. As always, some of these may get delayed based on a few factors (see below).

Here are some IMPORTANT notes:
  1. TG Mall Series will continue (with or without Haylee)
  2. I'm going to finish some other of the long-awaited sequels with or without a co-writer
  3. There will be two new "repeating characters" introduced in separate worlds

Instead of a poll, please comment on what you are looking forward to! I'm going to try my hardest to make sure all of these see a release within the next year.

Note: Subject art, concepts, storylines, character names, and more subject to change (no pun intended)

Scheduled (for now):
Zack Anderson is a 27-year-old young professional who has recently bought his own house thanks to a job transfer and major promotion. He is the only single person in his neighborhood it seems and has been trying to be friendly with neighbors. One house strikes him as odd though. It's a mansion on the hill that has run down. Neighbors talk vaguely about it and mention to just stay away. He becomes curious and finds that a woman named Mrs. Wilcox lives there. Attempts to get to know her are harsh, but she finally invites him in where he sees that the mansion needs a lot of work and she is a horder. He learns that she was a prominent psychiatrist who was married to one of the best oral surgeons in the state. However, 10 years ago, their lives came crashing down.

Their 15-year-old daughter Destiny was killed at a party in 2008. The tragedy caused their marriage to fall apart and Mrs. Wilcox quit her job and became a hermit. Zack tries to encourage her to start over again, but Mrs. Wilcox has some other ideas on how to get her life back to the way she wanted it... Zack is going to need to take the place of Destiny from where she left off!

This story will be part of the new "Dr. Maharjan" series. He is a surgeon who has been working on a new sexual reassignment procedure that can realistically manipulate genetics. All of these stories can be picked up in any order although some will give some backstory into the world of Dr. Maharjan.

2 other men have been kidnapped and are in Crossword's feminization chamber! Both must complete the feminization tasks in order to have a chance to escape! However, the authorities are on to Crossword's scheme. One of his clients is also questioning why he is doing this to men and a very large backstory is explained going into Crossword's history and former life as a toy designer engineer and family man. If you thought the original See was evil and disgusting, this one makes that look like something that would be on Disney's Halloween Special!

Nick thinks he is going to spend Christmas break in the new house his Dad bought in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, he finds out his Dad is taking his trophy girlfriend only and he is being sent to his maternal grandmother’s house in the middle of nowhere West Virginia for a month! He has not seen her since he was a very small kid and his biological mom (her daughter) is deceased. Things seem strange as his grandmother starts to treat him like a girl... and calling him by his mother's name! How is he going to get through the holidays while being forced to wear panties? More importantly, did his father put her up to this?

No one around the office likes one of the managers, Bruce. His boss hates him, but keeps him around since his work is very good. The young office girls don't respect him at all and his best friend seems to only hang out with him for financial benefits. Despite this, Bruce thinks he is God's gift to women and one of the best around! The week before Valentine's Day, he starts receiving packages from a secret admirer. Who could it be? He has his guesses. Maybe one of those young girls doesn't hate him so much after all. Wait... why panties? What's with the rapid weight loss? How in the hell was his apartment redecorated to look like a woman's?  Why is he coming to the office dressed like a woman? Who is this secret admirer?!?!

Blake Russo was an ambitious and successful, yet arrogant playboy in college who graduates top of his business school and starts an online men's fashion business called Bro Days. Within three years, the company is a multi-million dollar operation. However, due to bad investments, fall through deals, back lash from customers, and other things, the company is forced to close abruptly. He makes out well through some settlements but the employees are left bitter and customers are pissed off. This causes him to get an extremely bad reputation and negative press.

His former executive assistant, Jessica, questions him on his passion and dreams after he is laying low for a bit. He claims he wants to come back and would do something with her again since she was amazing. She suggests that he do a similar business for women. Since his brand and reputation is tarnished, he cannot be the head person. She offers to help run it but can't be the face of the company. "Amber Hopkins" is created as the owner of the company, but when things get too out of hand, Blake is forced to assume the role of "Sabrina Cotelli" and has to come to the office as a female secretary! How far will he go to conceal his identity? 

16-year-old Jason is a closet crossdresser until his Mom catches him wearing his sister's clothes in her room! Word gets around to his dad, Marty, who isn't too happy to hear that his son is a sissy as he has always tried to be a tough guy. A few weeks later, Jason discovers and old yearbook in his Mom's closet and sees that his Dad was in a womanless pageant back in high school! Sees another picture of him dressed as a girl and starts to wonder.

Jason finds out there is a trans/CD teen convention in a few months and wants to go. He ends up blackmailing his Dad into taking him and going as "Martina!" Trouble will arise though as Jason/Noelle meets a cheerleader friend (who is there for another conference) and Martina meets a man at a bar at the hotel who has no idea she is really a man!

This story has a mystery co-writer! I'm super excited for this one!

Mentioned before, but postponed until this year!:

Some washed up Emo singer meets an old friend who forces him to become a female Christian singer? This is what Courtney's dreams are made of! Going to spend some time making sure this is an amazing story!

This one won the poll for the story people were most looking forward to... which is why I delayed it! Unlike some other stories that I was limited on, this won't be a story in which some 20-something guy is magically transformed into a teenage cheerleader and either forget about it or gladly accepts. I have the entire layout finished as of now. If you are curious (no spoilers), this story introduces an angel character named Marissa. She is an attractive woman in her mid-20s who is a consultant to men who are forced to become female.

Delayed until further notice:

Haylee is on break for now until she gets some inspiration. Please tell her she needs to be a girl! TG Mall 7 may come out before 6.5! We have the entire story for this laid out but only managed to finish 2 chapters of it so far.

This is an incomplete list as I have a ton of other stories in the works. There's another story series happening with another mystery writer that I'm holding off on for the moment until more details are there. Can you see why I made 100 caps last month?! Trying to schedule the entire year out so I can focus on story writing!

Dee Mentia said...

Eesh! I was about to say, "Where is part two of TG Male #6?" when the news struck me hard!

How DARE she not have inspiration! LOL

I didn't realize that you two don't usually write the whole thing out before posting the 1st part. I figured you got half of it proof read, then put it up; then when part 2 was proofed, that would go up as well.

Each year I swear to myself, THIS is the year I will actually write something long than 800 words. I still have almost 11 months to go to prove myself wrong!

Glad you have a plan for your stories as it looks like I'll be buying at least half of what you've got scheduled. Gives me time to save up!

Kitty St. Clare said...

I'm most looking forward to Dressed and Blessed, as I think there's a lot of opportunity there for some fun, but I also am looking forward to Destiny's Debut and Startup as a Woman.

Sally Bend said...

Hugely excited for See 2 (definitely tops on my list), and so glad Resolution Regression is geting its chance.

As for the others, Destiny's Debut, Sissy Secret Admirer, Dad Taught Me How to Be a Sissy all sound great.

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