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Courtney's Top 13 TG Stories Part II

This blog has been a lot of fun for me and is a great outlet to not only post caps for people to enjoy, but also express my personal interest in TG Fiction. Since creating this blog, the most popular post in terms of views and comments has been Courtney's Top 13 TG Fiction Stories.

That post was a lot of fun for me since, for awhile, TG Fiction stories were my main interest in the community. (I love reading good romance novels in real life, so this is the transformation equivalent!) I realized after some time though that I left off some other really great stories that are on the same level as the original 13, so here comes Part II!


1. Trapped in a Fairy Tale by Carleton Vincent 

In case you haven't noticed, I have a preference towards "realistic" transformations. However, I do enjoy a good magical story once in a while. This story features a guy who is turned into his friend's prom date in a Cinderella-style sequence. (Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty were my favorite Disney movies growing up!)

This is a really cute story and I LOVED the ending. There is a sequel to this story, however I thought it was a little average.

2. College Student by bojok71 

This author had some good age regression stories, but seems to have disappeared from writing more. Relatively short story that is too the point!

3. Two Forms of I.D. by Joe Six-Pack

I can't believe I left this off of the original Top 13. This and Cheap Rent rank in my overall Top 10 Age Regression Stories list. This version on Lulu was revised from the original and is MUCH better in my opinion.

4. The Changeling by Janice

I haven't heard anyone else mention this story, but I think it has a very original plot and also like that it's written in 1st person. I'm a big fan of stories that take place overtime as well. VERY realistic story.

5. Throwing Like a Girl by Tar Baby

This story is pretty epic and might need to be read in a few sittings, but it's a great story and classic. I also like how the ending!

6. Over-Exposure by Lana B.

I noticed this author averages about one story a year on Fictionmania. Most of her stories are very long and I can tell she puts a lot of work into them. It shows, the stories are excellent. This one is my favorite of her's due to it being very realistic and how the character goes through changes literally over the entire story. I also love the fact that it's voluntary at first, but gradually gets deeper into the role of a female.

7. Justice in 2026 by Jenile Efhratum

I'm usually not a fan of stories that take place in the distant past or future, but this is a really amazing story. I love how the character is literally forced to accept his new life. There was supposed to be a sequel to this, but I'm not sure of it's existence. If you know more, please let me know!

8. Signal 3 3 5 by Lorraine B.

Another great author that seems to have not posted in awhile. I really liked this story because it didn't seem like the typical TG story. Goes into great detail about how the character copes with the changes that seem uncureable. I noticed a similar writing style...could there be a connection between her and Lana B.?

9. Model by Karen Elizabeth L.

If there was any story that I really wish had a sequel, it would be this one. The only negative thing about this story is that it ends just as the character enters their teen years! This story has been the inspiration for some caps of mine.

10. Shawn's Addiction by Sammie/Starhawk

A really good clean storyline that has just the right amount of sexiness in it.

11. No Half Measures by Jenny Walker 

This story is so long, you are really better off buying the paperback so that you can read it over the course of a few days in the bathroom! I love stories that involve a guy changing because of a career move. Story is very beautiful!

12. Homecoming Princess & Princess Found by Arecee

Two-part story by another one of those amazing authors with great serials. This story does get graphic, but it's a good story if you are in the mood.

13. Kate Draffen by Swishy

In case you haven't noticed, this list contains a lot of long stories. This is one I actually haven't finished yet, but have browsed through. I'm putting it on the list because of what I have read, I was very impressed. Hits my preferences to the spot and seems to be inspired by a few of my other favorite stories.

The story that would have made this list: My Life Changed Drastically While Jogging by BC08: LOST STORY!

This author "was" amazing. They almost made the original list with "Never Bet Against Your Mother." These WERE on StorySite, but don't seem to exist anywhere else. This particular one involved a guy that was hit by a doctor while jogging. Solution: guy is surgically transformed to become the daughter of the doctor!


Well there you have it! I'm sure there will be a Part III at some point in time. If you are one of the authors I have mentioned, please message me! I would love to hear from you!
Kimberly Nightengale said...

You would probably like for a girl, it's really long but a great story!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your two collections :)


Anonymous said...

Jenile Efhratum under a slightly different spelling had a story called "patricia" in the 1990's. Does anyone have a copy?

Courtney Captisa said...

I just now saw this. I was able to track down this story. Never heard of it but I'm going to check it out!:

It's in 52 parts. To go to the next part, just change "4554" to "4555". Very cumbersome, but at least the story is there!

Lmd said...

I just finished reading "Kate Draffen" and I have to say it was one of the best stories I have ever read. Thank you for posting it to your blog, I never would have found it otherwise. Any other stories like this one?

Anonymous said...

For a girl was on the original list.

Preeti sharma said...

Does anybody remember a story in which there was a teenage boy whose family makes him into a sissy to marry him off to someone and it a realistic process not magical and it involves milking of the boy . I don't remember the name of anything else please reply if you know of any story like this

maria said...

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