Saturday, December 3, 2011

People Magazine

I love doing magazine style caps although they are time consuming! Usually don't like celeb caps but I couldn't help myself with this possible scenario!
Miki said...

Hayden was a boy?!? how wonderful... and he's so lovely now...

love the cap and the it was worth all the time you put in to make it look so authentic...

to bad it's not true (or is it???)


JennP said...

They may be hard to do, but your magazine caps are great. Keep them coming.

Steffi said...

I've never tried a magazine-style cap.. Your effort makes me want to :)

I do celeb cappies often, and Hayden is one of my faves, although I've only used her a couple of times... so far!

Awesome offering, thank you for sharing!


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