Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caught Looking at TG Caps

This may hit a little too close to home to some of my readers, but I've wanted to see this scenario a little more. Just a short fun cap!
Alice said...

Looks like a interesting concept for a storyline that really can hit home. Thanks

Hrdknight said...

Great cap Courtney! I'm sure it's ground zero for a lot of viewers but a great cap concept none the less, would love to see where you take this. Nice work!

lil Ash said...

If it only were that easy.

Not to mention its cousins "why is that in the search box on your browser?" and :Who is this Courtney that uses the instant messaging box that just popped up on your monitor?"

Joanne said...

I guess if I was at the family home and I was chronologically that age Mommy sure would be asking questions.
Great caption concept.

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