Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Theme Week/Courtney's Former Valentine

So I have no Valentine this year and got arguing with a "friend" today about it! Ugh, I'm probably going to head to a bar for one of those "anti-Valentine's Day" parties with some other friends. If any of you feel generous today: Get Courtney a Valentine's Day Gift

Next week is "Sequel Week"! This should be fun, I'm going to be doing sequels to past caps I've done. If you want to see a sequel to a particular cap. Let me know which one!
Hrdknight said...

Great job on this cap Courtney! I like the fact that she has no idea or memory of being anything other than the woman she now is. The expression in the picture id a perfect fit.

Joanne said...

Great idea being so obliviousness to your (former) male past you the only thing you can remember is being a woman which ties interestingly in to question for those that do transition do they jettison that past? I'll email you about caption sequels.
Regards Jo.

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