Friday, February 24, 2012

Courtney needs serious help!

You may remember Randy from when he worked on putting up the blog collection. He may have just gotten himself fired!

Here's the real story. I left my Apple iMac running to back up some files while I went to work and when I came back, the computer was off. I tried turning it back on but NOTHING. No chime, lights or anything. Tried various power cables/outlets/all forums/google searching but NOTHING has worked. I'm really big on backing up files, so all of my really important stuff are on external hard drives, but this really sucks.

I really don't have the money to take this in for repair, let alone buy another computer if I have to. That being said, I have an Apple Macbook as well, but considering the nature of my jobs right now. I'm only using my Macbook for important stuff for the time being until I can get the iMac either fixed or replace. This means NO more capping for awhile. I did this cap really makeshift style, but I know I need to get stuff in order. I really hate to do this, but I have to figure out something.
Hrdknight said...

Sorry to hear the bad news about your computer, hope all is resolved so and you're back with us. You are and will be missed.

Joanne said...

So sorry to hear of your computers problem and the difficulties in getting it fixed. If there's anything we can do to help, do let us know.
Hugs, Joanne

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