Friday, March 30, 2012

Courtney Traps Tiffany: Tribute to Tiffanystrappedtransvestitecaps

Tiffany has a great blog called Tiffanystrappedtransvestitecaps. I especially love her prom and salon caps!
Tiffany Manners said...

oh my! i stumbled on this just now after posting a set! I love it!!!!!!
thanks so much courtney (:
i'd love to feminize you in a caption but you're
a girl already!lol

Heather69 said...

Well I'm sure that if she is given enough time as a maid she will find out she doesn't hate living as a girl.

Courtney said...

You could always cap me feminizing a guy! lol

Tiffany Manners said...

done! check my blog (:
you feminized me real good! lol

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